1vyG 2019


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What is 1vyG?

1vyG, a project of EdMobilizer, is the largest conference for first-generation, low-income (FLI) students in the world. 1vyG was the first national organization dedicated to bringing together communities of diverse, first-generation and low-income students from across the Ivy League and peer institutions. Since the organization’s founding in 2015 by students at Brown University, the 1vyG conference has served as a significant event for the national FLI student community. Previous conferences have been held at Brown, Harvard, Yale, and UPenn, and have brought together students from over two dozen schools.

What is EdMobilizer?

EdMobilizer is an advocacy group organization that aim to increase post-secondary opportunities for first-generation, low-income, and/or undocumented students through tackling systemic barriers, changing policy and building coalitions for change.

What is FLiC?

FLiC is Princeton’s First-Generation Low-Income Council. FLIC advocates for first-gen/low income students at Princeton, connects students with resources, and promotes dialogue about socioeconomic differences.

What is FLI?

FLI stands for first-generation/low-income, and means different things to different people. It is not a homogenous definition, and students who identify as FLI have diverse backgrounds. Some people may identify more with one part of the acronym than another, or they may identify with both. Our conference aims to create dialogue around our diverse experiences, and uplift each others’ voices. #FLIisFly ;)

Who can participate? How can I attend?

This year, in efforts to standardize which schools are invited, we have invited all schools that have previously attended our conferences, as well as other COFHE (Consortium on Financing Higher Education) schools. The schools that attended the 2019 1vyG Conference at Princeton are Amherst, Barnard, Boston College, Bowdoin, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Lehigh, MIT, Middlebury, Northwestern, Pomona, Smith, Stanford, Swarthmore, Trinity, Tufts, UChicago, UPenn, Rochester, USC, WashU, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Williams, and Yale. Ambassadors and mobilizers at each school have sent out applications and assembled their delegations.

Does it cost to participate in the 1vyG conference?

No! Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to ensure that no student has to pay for the conference. All meals during the conference are covered, and lodging is provided (attendees will be hosted by Princeton students in their dorms). Traditionally, travel expenses have been paid by the student’s school, and we will support our mobilizers in finding this funding on their campuses.

What is the difference between the 1vyG and FGLI conferences?

This year, Princeton hosted both the student-focused 1vyG conference (Friday, February 15-Sunday, February 17) and the administrator-focused FGLI Consortium Administrator Conference (Sunday, February 17-Tuesday, February 19). The administrator programming at 1vyG will focus on student-administrator collaboration, so much time will be spent in conversation with students from your institution. The FGLI Consortium Administrator Conference, which will begin immediately following 1vyG at 5pm on Sunday, February 17, will serve as a dedicated time for administrators to spend in conversation with one another, collectively addressing complex issues impacting FGLI students across higher education and sharing best practices for supporting and empowering our students. In other words, there will not be programmatic repetition between the two. You can find more information about these two conferences, and other information for administrators, here.

What are Ambassadors and Mobilizers?

Ambassadors and Mobilizers act as campus representatives for the invited schools. Ambassadors are responsible for communication with Princeton's Directors of Logistics on the progress of local conference engagement. They act as a liaison between the Mobilizer and Princeton. Mobilizers are responsible for on-campus outreach, marketing, and selection of conference attendees. They also work with administration to organize all related conference attendee logistics (eg. transportation, health forms, etc). These two positions are interdependent, and in some cases, both roles are filled by the same person. You can see who the 2019 Ambassadors and Mobilizers are for your school here.

How can my organization support 1vyG?

If you are interested in supporting 1vyG financially, you can contact our Finance Director, Emily Cheng, at ec20@princeton.edu to learn more about different opportunities.

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